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Department of Hospitality Management
Welcome to Department of Hospitality Management
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decorative space  In the twenty-first century, service has obviously become one of the most significant industries in developed countries, and hospitality management is the most popular of all issues. Hospitality management education not only focuses on students' skills in hospitality service, but also in professional knowledge of hospitality management, planning and marketing and cost control. We must instill students in the spirit of humanities such as literature, history and aesthetics. In the future, hospitality management industry will be more than a service; it will become an art.
 It is the aim of our Department to educate and train students in the spirit of service and cultivation of arts, and to become professionals in hospitality management with all knowledge and broad horizons. In the curriculum design, we put emphasis on issue-thinking, inspiration, creativity and cultivation of arts. We expect to arouse students’ interests for learning and enthusiasm for hospitality management by effective ways of teaching. They will put theory into practice by visiting foreign countries. They will thus share the practical experiences and be expected to take them as their own.


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decorative space (1) Instructional emphases:
1. We train our students to engage in active learning and instill them in the spirit of serving the public as the goal of hospitality management. 
2. We train our students in professionalism and leadership in hospitality management.
3. We explore new designs of products, their innovation and their research on the part of faculty and students in hospitality management.
4. We promote the integration of information, related resources, strategies and technology of hospitality management.
5. We equip our students with capabilities of communication, coordination and cooperation.
(2) The Professional curriculum
There are seven areas in the design of the curriculum: 
1. The curriculum of general education 
2. The curriculum of professional management 
3. The curriculum of professional skills
4. The curriculum in computer science
5. The curriculum of foreign languages
6. The curriculum concerning research
7. Programs of cooperative education with internationalized five star hotels