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Department of Hospitality Management
Welcome to Department of Hospitality Management
decorative point Prospects
decorative space (1)  Long-term Plans
1 Offering interdisciplinary and intercollegiate courses and integrating some related activities.
2 Encouraging teachers and students to go abroad for further studies and for visits.
3 Encouraging teachers to accept practical training in the industries.
4 Promoting cooperative education programs to help the students to put theory into practice and gain some practical experiences.
(2) Principles of Curriculum Designs
1 The first year curriculum focuses on professional introductory courses in addition to general education.
2 The second year curriculum primarily focuses on plural professional management theory and secondarily on management skills.
3 The third year curriculum focuses on professional skills training, and increase creativity stimulating courses like aesthetics, design, etc.
4 The fourth year curriculum focuses on modern management knowledge and on discussion in management and individual creativity.
(3) Future Developments
1 To place equal emphasis on theory and practice in hospitality management.
2 To train future professionals, who will be able to use both mind and hand, in morality and practical skills so as to be of use to our society and nation.
3 To upgrade our students’ foreign language capabilities.
4 To launch academia-industry cooperative programs for the purpose of students' job opportunities.
5 To set up for the students the highest goal of life: “The purpose of life is to serve. others.”
(4) Objectives of Education
To greet the approach of globalization in the twenty-firstst century, our Department aims to train professionals in hospitality management industry. They should be eqipped with foreign language capabilities and broad international horizons. To respond to fast development of economy and culture, changes of the demographics and people’s life styles in society, and the implementation of the policy of a two-day-off week, ourDepartment aims to train high-spirited executives and managers in hospitality management. They are supposed to be enthusiastic and to be able to promote exchanges and cooperation among “industry,”“government” and “academia.” They are, too, expected to serve society and the people in the spirit of “Taking roots in Taiwan while making advances into Asia with a broad vision unto the world.”