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Department of Hospitality Management
Welcome to Department of Hospitality Management
decorative point Facility Resources
decorative space (1) Our department is equipped with four professional practical training classrooms, including Chinese cuisine practical training classroom, western cuisine practical training classroom, bartending and bakery practical training classroom. Part of the budget is spent on the facilities and instruments in the practical training classrooms for setting up technician certificate (class B and C) testing places. In addition, in order to maintain the operation of the machinery equipment, another part of the budget is spent on scheduled maintenance.
(2) Professional Classrooms
1 Chinese cuisine practical training classroom
2 Western cuisine practical training classroom
3 Bakery practical training classroom
4 Bartending practical training classroom
5 Hospitality service practical training classroom
(3) Regulations for Use of the Classrooms
1 Before class, the leader of each class borrows the key to the professional classroom from the department office and picks up the check lists of the instruments in them. Students have to follow the dress code and attend class on time. There is no break during a practical training class.
2 During class, students are not allowed to bring with them food and drinks not required in class. Chasing and playing in professional classrooms or sitting against working tables are prohibited.
3 After entering professional classrooms, students are required to check instruments when class begins and before class is dismissed and minutely write them down in the check lists. After class, the teacher shall check signatures and return the lists to the department office.
4 For environmental protection, students should reduce the amount of garbage, not use disposable dishes and classify garbage.
5 Each class shall clear food materials and not store them in the classroom. Wastes or garbage shall be classified and neatly wrapped up by double garbage bags.
6 After class, each class shall check, wash, dry the instruments, and then put them away in their places. Students shall clean the place where they have had class and wash the floor, tiles on the wall, working tables and the hallways. Before leaving, they shall close the doors and windows, and they shall turn off the taps, the electricity, gas, exhaust fans, air conditioners, etc. After having been checked by the teacher, the students may leave the classrooms.
7 Professional classrooms are for practice training use, anyone who enters without notice will be punished through the discussion of department meetings.
8 For official use or special use, the application form is required to be signed by the teacher and to be submitted to the teaching assistant of the Department.
9 Users are required to apply according to the regulations, and fill in instrument check lists. If any instrument is lost or damaged, they shall report to the Department office right away.
10 If equipment in the classroom is damaged, and if it is difficult to ascertain who is responsible for it, the students who have used it shall be responsible for its compensation.
11 Property in professional classrooms shall be cherished. Anyone who damages it on purpose shall be responsible for its compensation according to the regulations and be punished according to Rules of Rewards and Punishments on Students.
12 Students shall use professional classrooms according to teachers’ guidance and related rules. Anyone who violates the rules will be punished according to school regulations.
13 User classes need to assign the groups on duty to clean professional classrooms.
14 Before class is dismissed, the class leader shall be responsible for supervising each group leader to do the cleansing, and then the groups on duty that day shall finish the rest of the cleansing work. Students cannot leave before teachers have examined them.
15 The students shall not not take the instruments and materials out of the classrooms without teachers’ permission. Anyone who violates the rules shall be punished according to Rules of Rewards and Punishments on Students