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Department of Hospitality Management
Welcome to Department of Hospitality Management
  The Department of Hospitality Management at Taiwan Shoufu University is devoted to educate and train students in the spirit of service and cultivation of arts, and to become professionals in hospitality management with all knowledge and broad horizons. In the curriculum design, we put emphasis on issue-thinking, inspiration, creativity and cultivation of arts. Also, we employ both theoretical and practical hospitality management courses. We expect to arouse students’ interests for learning and enthusiasm for hospitality management by effective ways of teaching.
  A total of 21 faculty members serve at the Department of Hospitality Management.There are one professor, four associate professor, thirteen assistant professor and three lecturers. These faculty members specialize in different fields, that covered both theoretical and practical specialty, such as hotel, management, food science, finance, computer science, Chinese and Western cooking, Beverage making and so on.
  Our department is equipped with four professional practical training classrooms, including Chinese cuisine practical training classroom, western cuisine practical training classroom, hospitality service practical training classroom and bartending practical training classroom. Part of the budget is spent on the facilities and instruments in the practical training classrooms for setting up technician certificate (class B and C) testing places. In addition, in order to maintain the operation of the machinery equipment, another part of the budget is spent on scheduled maintenance.
Academic Planning

Our Department offers a four-year bachelor degree in hospitality management. The curriculum is designed to give the students not only adequate management capabilities but also professional skills. Under the discipline of the College of Leisure Industry, courses such as Leisure and Recreation, Management, Economics, Accounting, and etc. are introduced. In addition, the program has core restaurant management requirements, as well as various electives. The focal components of the program are divided into the following segments.

  1. Culinary Arts
  2. Wine and Beverage Operations
  3. Hospitality Service
  4. Hospitality Management